24 Times People Absolutely Lost The Food Lottery

The food lottery? That’s probably the best feeling in the world. Losing it, however, is more painful than your empty stomach could ever imagine.

We’re not just talking about a bag of chips that turns out to be mostly air inside, or an iced coffee that’s just a cup of ice with a splash of coffee. These are people who suffered the most devastating of dupes; warped fruit, distorted chocolate bars, and possibly the most heinous of them all, lemon-flavored candy. Whoever let these sad excuses for food leave the factory should be in prison.


1. I Think I Set The Record For Most Disappointing Carrot


2. Don’t Mean To Brag But I’ve Got Strawberries Growing The Size Of Lemons Over Here!


3. These Watermelons Are Disappointing


4. I Chose The Biggest Avocado To Make Guacamole, I Think It’s Not Going To Happen


5. My Bread Is… Mostly Air


6. “Cheeseburger” From The Streets Of Manila


24 Times People Absolutely Lost The Food Lottery

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