Warning ! Excessive Masturbation Can Kill You And Here’s The Proof!


 “Bro, what happened all I do is serve you and you talk all these behind me” and you can’t even imagine what he will say. But for the sake of men, this article must be written and reach to maximum people. Addiction to anything is harmful to us but what we all get addicted to one or the other thing, its gives us pleasure, reduces stress and it feels so good. But it’s all temporary it causes us a huge loss in a long run.

At present there are several myths about masturbation, some of them true and some of them are not. For all the readers, the freakiest team did some research on excessive masturbation and filtered the truths from the myths. The extracted data are written down, read understand and share!

Feel exhausted all the time.


Excessive masturbations drain out all your energy, mental stability, and physical strength. Apparently, you will feel like a loser all the time quit doing masturbation for at least a week you will see the results.

Decay relationships.

When you are in a relationship you agree to fulfill each other desires, and by desires I mean s3x. But masturbations wreck it all, you don’t want your partner anymore. Quit that thing, you will see your desires get directed towards your partner and you will again have an intimate relationship with your partner.

Wipe out hobbies.


You will not be interested in doing what you like to do, all you want to do is to do it again and again, even if you just have done with that. And no hobby means no creativity, no inventions, no progress, and no success. Life will be a full waste just because of your masturbation.

Testosterone level decreases.

Testosterone is a primary male sex hormone and an anabolic steroid. In men, it plays an important role in the development of male reproductive tissues, muscles, and bone mass and body hairs. Insufficient level causes frailty (the condition of being weak and delicate) and bone loss.


Warning ! Excessive Masturbation Can Kill You And Here’s The Proof!

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