21 Of The Most Bizarre Humans In The World



There are people on this earth who Bizarre Humans completely break the World! Some are now using their strangeness in order to build a following on YouTube and bring home a decent income.

Source:- koobuzz.com

Charlotte Garside: The World’s Smallest Girl

What you are seeing here isn’t an optical illusion. Charlotte is over seven years old and weighs in at only nine pound! Her pet rabbit actually outweighs her and is larger than her. Amazingly, Charlotte still has perfect brain function and is attending school. We all hope Charlotte will lead a long and prosperous life!  Her current YouTube worth is $30,870.

Piyah Martell: A Transgender Teen Star with No Legs

It’s hard to imagine the difficulties Piyah faces on a daily basis.  She was born with a super rare condition, which caused her legs to never grow. She was also born a male. By the time Piyah reached her teenage years, she knew she was meant to be woman. Tragedy struck her life not once but twice. First she lost her mother at age eight and later on her stepmother. Nowadays, you can see her singing beautifully on YouTube. Her current YouTube worth is $25,186.

David Matlock: Creator of the “Perfect” Wife

Plastic surgeon David Matlock turned his wife into an object when he began his mission to turn her into the “perfect” woman. Before he would marry her, she had to maintain an intense workout schedule, eat perfectly, and undergo his mandatory surgeries. Now,they make money off YouTube by showcasing their “perfect” bodies. It has made them a pretty penny at $40,005.

Winnie Harlow Has Vitiligo

The rare skin condition vitiligo hasn’t stopped Canadian model Winnie Harlow from pursuing her dream to model. Modeling agencies are now paying her big bucks for her unique shoots. The disease causes some parts of the body to lack skin pigmentation. In Winnie’s case, the disease actually created a beautiful pattern. Her YouTube earnings are only a small part of her overall earnings, at $14,000.

Elisany da Cruz Silva: The Tallest Model

Elisany da Cruz Silva stands an amazing 6’8″ tall. She has been a Brazilian model for most of her life and is the tallest female model alive. Most men would feel outmatched by her height and fear dating her. This wasn’t the case with her 5’4″ tall boyfriend, Francinaldo. He has no problem getting up on his tippy toes to give her a kiss! They have been able to make $74,379 together on YouTube.


21 Of The Most Bizarre Humans In The World

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